Skrill Deposits

Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) is a quick and easy way to transfer funds to and from your gaming accounts.  Once you open a Skrill account, and have it loaded, it will become your favorite payment processor for your online gambling accounts.
    Skrill was and still is, a very popular payment processor in the online gambling industry.  It has been in operation for over a decade and is well known among the gaming community, especially the players that have been around since online gambling took off.
    Most countries are allowed to set up and use a Skrill account, but many countries including Canada and the United States are forbidden to use Skrill to make a deposit at an online casino, poker room or sportsbook.

To make a purchase with Skrill you will have to;
Sign up for a Skrill account (you will create a username and password at this time)
(2) Ask for your bank account to be verified (you can choose to verify your credit card instead, if you do you can skip to #5)
(3) Check your bank statement to find out the exact amount of the verifying deposit.
(4) Verify the exact amount of the micro deposit
(5) Load your Skrill account
(6) Go to the poker rooms cashier and load your account
(7) Your funds should appear in your account immediately

Transfer Limits:
Increases frequently based on your past experience with them

Upload funds via Bank Transfers = 1% charge
Upload funds via Credit Card = 1% charge
Withdraw funds via Bank Transfer = $4.76 GBP
Withdraw funds via Credit Card = 7.5%
Currency Conversion charge = 3.99%
Receive Funds through Skrill = Free
Send Funds through Skill = 1.45% (Minimum fee 0.43 GBP)
Inactivity Fee = 5 EUR Monthly (after 12 months with no transactions)

Whenever you visit Skrill, verify that you are at the official Skrill website.  The top of your browser should look like the image below.
Skrill Official Website

Payment Methods

Payment Method

USA Poker


Bitcoin Cash







Credit Cards





Poker Rooms/Casinos accepting Skrill

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