Defending Poker in the United States

Many online poker rooms have decided not to allow American citizens to play on their sites, but luckily many have stuck around and supported the U.S. poker community.  Some of which have joined forces with many poker players across the nation to form a lobbyist group with over a million members.  You can join the grass roots organizations or call your senator to express how feel about not being able to play a simple poker game inside your own home.

Activist and Lobbyist Groups

The Poker Alliance
The Poker Alliance (formerly the Poker Players Alliance) was a grass roots organization that was formed to fight for your right to play poker in the United States.  There are over a million members in the Poker Alliance.  They are well organized and have some high-profile advisory board members such as Daniel Negreanu, Jason Koon and Maria Ho .  A membership is free and it is well worth it if you want to defend your right to play poker online or at home.  The PA has fought court battles between states and poker players busted during a poker game at home.  You can visit the website at  The Poker Alliance is more important than ever because of the recent closure of American accounts at the top four online poker rooms that were accepting Americans.

The APCW is a website dedicated to how online poker rooms, online casinos and their affiliate programs operate.  You can also find out about the changes happening in the online gaming space including potential new legislation, the senators against gambling and the senators for regulated online gaming.  It is mostly used for affiliates but is also helpful to the online poker and casino players.  You can visit the website at