Top Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Less than a year ago, your options for using Bitcoin Cash to make a deposit at a casino was extremely limited.  Okay, maybe not, your options at making a deposit at a reputable casino was limited.  That has changed, you can now play at some of the best online casinos while using Bitcoin Cash to make your deposit.
    Using Bitcoin Cash from a private wallet to make a deposit to a crypto casino is highly recommended.  Bitcoin Cash transactions confirm quickly, the transaction fees are low, and you can play at most of the better online casinos that accept Americans.  The only exception would be Bovada, which only accepts Bitcoin as a crypto currency.




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#1 Bitcoin  Cash Casino
Bet Online Casino

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Fortune Jack Casino

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#3 BCH Casino
Wild Casino

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Canadian Bitcoin Cash Casino
Bodog Casino

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A Beginners Guide on using Bitcoin Cash to Bet Online

First off, any casino operator that accepts BCH will probably accept BTC and many crypto wallets that can hold BCH can also hold BTC.  A simple mistake can cause a lot of problems.  Pay attention on both ends to make 100% sure that are sending your BCH, and not BTC, to the right address!  Everyone makes mistakes and in crypto currency, those mistakes can be extremely costly.
    If you are using Bitcoin Cash to make a deposit we recommend, and sometimes it is enforced by the casino, that you do not make any transfers directly from an exchange.  Crypto exchanges have been known to shut down accounts that are linked to online gambling purchases.  It is also good practice, no matter what you are using your Bitcoin Cash for, to not make purchases from an exchange.
    Besides taking the risk of having your crypto account shut down at an exchange, there are some other reasons to make purchases from your own private wallet.  Some of the reasons are; you can set your own transaction fee, you will know when the transfer took place, you can easily set up a receive address (many operators may ask to have a receive address in case of a need for a refund) and it is a lot more safe to have your funds in your own Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Types of Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Bitcoin Cash can be stored in a desktop, mobile, hardware and web-based wallet.  Many times, these same wallets will allow you to store the original Bitcoin and other Bitcoin splits.  Whenever you are using Bitcoins or one of the splits such as Bitcoin Cash, you should be extra diligent when making a transfer.
   Which type of wallet is right for you will depend on your knowledge of crypto currency, how convenient you want to access your funds and how much Bitcoin Cash you will be holding.  We have a basic overview of your options, but remember it is solely up to you to make sure your Bitcoin Cash is kept in a secure manner.
    For a lot of Bitcoin Cash holders that are planning of using their crypto to bet online, a multi-currency online based wallet such as will be convenient and secure enough.  Web-based wallets are generally the most user-friendly outside of holding your Bitcoin Cash coins at an actual exchange, which we do not recommend you do.  If possible, always use some type of two-factor authentication for your web-based wallets.  Also note, allow you to store the original Bitcoin.  You should be extremely careful when transferring Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from this wallet to ensure that you send the correct crypto currency.
    Don't want to keep your crypto on a web-based wallet?  You can use a hardware device such as Ledger and Trezor, or download a wallet on your device from the and websites.

What you need know before sending Bitcoin Cash

I know I sound like a broken record, but if you will be sending and receiving Bitcoin Cash, make 100% sure that you are setting up and sending to a Bitcoin Cash the correct address.  With all these Bitcoin splits, it is extremely easy to make a mistake.  Transferring BTC instead of BCH or vice versa is a regular occurrence and unfortunately most of the time, you or the operator you are sending the BCH to won't have access to both addresses.
    Remember, with crypto currency there is no such thing as a small mistake.  Take your time, and always confirm that you are sending the correct amount and to the correct address.  You should copy, paste and always check multiple times that you are sending and/or receiving to the correct address.  Only send BCH if you are fully aware in what you are doing.  If unsure, you can send a small amount of BCH to this test address "19pyxey99FaBzXP5pTamnij5fvjaavt4Sf" and view your transaction at
    I know, broken record, but remember that there is basically a zero percent chance that you will have a second chance when it comes to Bitcoin Cash.  There are no charge backs and you can't cancel a BCH transfer once it has been confirmed.

Top Bitcoin Cash Poker Rooms

It wasn't that long ago when the only options for funding your online poker room with bitcoins led you to play at some rather small and/or shady poker rooms.  Luckily things have changed and now you have a variety of options to choose from.  In the U.S., there is only one poker room that you will be missing if you insist on paying with BCH and that is Bovada, which only has BTC for crypto currency deposits.
    Not too long ago, we would have recommended a different crypto currency to fund your poker account.  This is no longer the case, Bitcoin Cash is quick, reliable, cheap and accepted at virtually most of the more popular poker rooms in the U.S. black market.

Poker Room



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#1 Bitcoin Cash Poker Room
Bet Online Poker


100% up to $1,000

#3 BCH Poker Room


100% up to $1,000

Bitcoin Cash Poker Room
Bodog Poker


100% up to $500