Top Dash Casinos

The top crypto casino accepts dash, and that is a good thing.  Dash transactions are quick, cheap and easy to transmit to your Fortune Jack Casino account.  Less than a year ago there was multiple operators that accepted Dash that we thought were reputable.  Now only Fortune Jack accepts deposits via Dash, this has greatly decreased your options when paying with Dash.  Still, if you are not 100% committed to using dash, then you may want to check out the casinos that accept Bitcoin for a bigger selection of online casinos.



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A Beginners Guide on using Dash to Bet Online

It would be wise to transfer from a personal wallet if you are planning of making a purchase from an online gaming provider.  It is much more convenient than making a transfer from an exchange.  You will also have more control over the transaction costs, the actual time when the transfer will start, some gaming operators will not accept a deposit without a refund address, and many will not deposit into addresses that have been used.  Also, some exchanges have been known to close accounts linked to online gambling.

Types of Dash Wallets

For most dash day to day transactions a web only or a desktop wallet will be adequate for most consumers.  Coin Vault is a popular web-based wallet that can be used on any online connected device.  Exodus is a desktop wallet that can hold multiple crypto currencies on an easy to use platform.
    Want to keep your wallet off line, but not on a paper wallet?  Your hardware wallet choices for dash include KeepKey and Trezor.

What you need know before sending Dash

Whenever possible, use two-factor authentication.  Copy and paste both the sending and/or receiving addresses.  Check, then re-check the addresses.  Check, then re-check the amount of dash you are sending.  Only send dash if you are confident that everything is correct and only send dash if you trust who you are sending it to.  Remember, after a transaction has been sent and confirmed, there is little to nothing that you can do.  There are no charge backs and no cancelling with Dash after multiple confirmations on the transaction.  If you are not 100% confident, you can send a small amount of Dash to this test address "Xnjiuo3eNuo6cese8WpG3SqBNLmBqSwSKp" and view your transaction at or, to verify that you know what you are doing.

Top Dash Poker Rooms

There are not a whole lot of poker rooms that accept Dash as payment and even fewer quality poker rooms that do.  Luckily one of the largest poker rooms that accept players from the U.S. now accept Dash.  In the U.S., there is only one poker room left that is worth playing at, that accepts Dash.
    Using Dash from a private wallet for your poker transactions is recommended.  Your transaction will confirm quickly, your fees will be lower, and it is accepted at two of the top three U.S. friendly poker rooms.

Poker Room



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