7 Card Stud Poker Rules

A 7-Card Stud poker player should have a good memory and some poker strategy.
    Each player gets dealt 2 hole cards and 1 up-card.  Then there is 3 more up-cards and a final down card, for a total of 7 cards.  There is betting round after each time the dealer deals out the cards.  The player holding the best hand 5-card hand wins.  Aces can be played both as a high and a low.

7 Card Stud Poker Hand

(1) Every player puts an ante into the pot.
(2) The player having the lowest up-card has the bring-in (a forced bet roughly 25% of a complete bet).
(3) Players can then fold, call the bring-in, or complete the bet.  Once the bet has been completed, there is a limit of 3 raises.  All future rounds have a 3 raise limit.

7-Card Stud

7 Card Stud Poker hand continued

On 4th street and beyond, the betting starts with the player showing the highest board.  If players have the same high board, the player closest to the left of the button begins the betting.
    The betting on 4th street is usually at the lower limit but if there is a pair showing, you may bet or raise at the higher limit.  When a bet has been placed at the higher limit, all other raises must be at that limit.
    On 5th street and beyond the betting starts at the higher limit.
    At showdown the player with the best 5-card hand wins.
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