Playing Online Poker on a Mac

Looking for an online poker room that is compatible with a Mac?  Tired of finding what looks like a really great online poker room and then finding out that it is not compatible with a Mac?  Hmm, well it is probably a good thing that they didn't have a Mac compatible version for their poker room.  In 2021, I can't think of a single online poker room that is worth playing at, that didn't have some Mac friendly version that you could use.  Being able to find a reputable poker room in the past, would have a difficult challenge, but today you can play at all of the top poker rooms.

Best Mac Compatible Poker Rooms

Poker Rooms


American poker site

Max Bonus

#1 Bitcoin Poker Room
Bovada Poker

Instant Play

100% up to $500

Mac poker room
888 Poker

Instant Play


100% up to $500

#2 Bitcoin Poker Room
Bet Online Poker

Instant Play

100% up to $1,000

How to fix the "can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" problem.

Apple computers are great for some things, but making it easy to download software off the Internet is not one of them.  Many online poker players, especially the poker players in the grey market may encounter problems when trying to run their poker software.
    The most common problem is running into a "**** can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" alert.  What to do if this happens, depends on your personal security settings and how current your operating system is.  Assuming you are running one of the latest software updates, you will need to;

  • Open "System Preferences".  You can open this from the quick launcher.
  • Click on the "Security & Privacy" icon (it is shaped like a house).
  • Click the "General" tab.
  • Beside where it says "**** Poker was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer", click "Open Anyway".
  • When prompted, put in your Mac password.
  • When prompted by "Opening **** Poker will always allow it to run on this Mac", click "Open".
  • Double click on the poker room launcher installed on your desktop.

How to play poker at with a Mac

First go to, then go to the poker page.  Click on the "Join" button to set up an account.  Once done, you can play at their instant play poker room.  For best results, we recommend you download the Mac version of their poker room.  There will be less connectivity issues, you will able to play more tables and it simply runs better.
   At the download page, click the "Download For Mac" button.  Next, you will need to run the installer and then you can start playing.  Because you are not downloading software directly from Apple, you may encounter the unidentified developer problem.  If this happens, follow our instructions listed above.

How to play poker at 888 with a Mac

This is one of the better, if not the best poker room to play while on a Mac.  There are little to no Mac compatibility issues here.  To play here, visit the 888 Poker website and click on the "Instant Play" button.  Then, click on the "Register Button" to set up an account here.  Playing in instant play mode is the quickest and easiest set up.
    To download the software, click on any "Download" button.  888 Poker will automatically detect that you are using a Mac.  You should be prompted to run their installer, but if not click the "Download Now & GET YOUR BONUS" button.  Once downloaded, click on the installer icon on your desktop.  From here you might be able to run it without any issues, or if you do run into the "unidentified developer" problem, then you should follow our instructions listed above.
    You can download the software, but unlike many other instant play versions of poker rooms, the 888 instant play poker room runs just as good as the full download version.

How to play poker at with a Mac

To play the desktop version, visit, click on the "Poker" tab, click on the "Play Online Now" button.  You will then either register or login to your account.
    To download the software, go to the Bet Online website, click the "Poker" tab and click the green "Apple" button under where it says "Download Free Software".  From here, run the installer.  When installing this poker room, you may run into a problem.  It is probably because of an unidentified developer issue.  Just follow our instructions above and you should have no problems running the Bet Online poker room on your Apple computer.

How to play poker at America's Cardroom with a Mac

First, visit the America's Cardroom website and click the "Download" button at the top right corner.  Click on the "Mac (Beta Version)" link.  From here, you will probably run into the unidentified developer problem.  Just follow the instructions listed above and you shouldn't have any issues.