Top Litecoin Casinos

For crypto currencies, Litecoin was probably your best option for funding your casino account, but now that the crypto craze has settled down, Bitcoin is back to being your best option.
   Still, Litecoin is fast, transaction fees are low, and you have a good variety of quality casinos to choose from.  Litecoin is a solid crypto currency and the only reason to use another crypto currency to fund your account is if they don't accept Litecoin such as Bovada.  The only other exception would be if you already have another crypto currency in a private wallet and you currently don't have any litecoin in a wallet, otherwise litecoin would be a solid choice.



New Player Bonus

#1 Litecoin  Casino
Bovada Casino

125% up to $1250

#2  Litecoin Casino
Bet Online Casino

100% up to $1000

#3 Litecoin Casino
Wild Casino

$250% up to $1000

A Beginners Guide on using Litecoin to Bet Online

Just like any other crypto currency, it is recommended and sometimes enforced by the gaming operator, that you do not make a transfer directly from your exchange.  Even more so, if you are an American, exchange accounts have been closed that were directly linked to online gambling.
    There are other reasons to make transfers directly from your own private wallet.  These include; the ability to set your own transaction fee, the ability to know when the transfer will take place, the ability to set up a receive address (some operators insist on having a receive address in case they need to issue a refund) and it is also much more convenient to have your funds in your litecoin wallet.

Types of Litecoin Wallets

You can have a desktop, mobile, hardware and web-based wallet for litecoin.  Which option is right for you will depend on technical ability, how much you value convenience and how much litecoin you plan on holding.  Below we have a basic overview over the type of litecoin wallets available.  Remember, it is up to you and only you to make sure that your litecoin is secure.
    For most litecoin consumers planning of betting online, an online based wallet will be most convenient and secure enough for small day to day transactions.  These types of wallets are generally the most user-friendly outside of holding your litecoin at an actual exchange. is a popular web wallet that support litecoin transactions.  Whenever possible, use two-factor authentication.
    Want to keep your wallet away from an online wallet?  Your choices are using a hardware wallet such as KeepKey, Ledger and Trezor, or downloading a wallet on your device from the website.

What you need know before sending Litecoin

Remember, just like every other crypto currency, there are no small mistakes when sending litecoin.  Always confirm for yourself that you are sending the correct amount, that you copy, paste and always double check, at a minimum, your sending and/or receiving addresses.  You should only attempt to send litecoin if you know what you are doing.  You can send a small amount of LTC to this test address "Lft2J2T1HBuApMGKBRE58c6S3xSAWC94gn" and view your transaction at or
    Again, remember that there is almost always no such thing as second chances when it comes to litecoin.  There are no charge backs and/or cancelling once the litecoin has been sent and confirmed.

Top Litecoin Poker Rooms

For those of you that use crypto currency instead of just trade it, litecoin is the ideal crypto currency to use for your online poker transactions.  In the U.S. market there is only one poker room worth playing at that doesn't accept Litecoin.
    If you have litecoin in a private wallet, we highly recommend you use it for your poker transactions.  Your transaction will confirm quickly, your fees will be low, and it is accepted at two of the top three U.S. friendly poker rooms.

Poker Room



New Player Bonus

#1 Bitcoin Poker Room
Bovada Poker


100% up to $500

#1 Litecoin Poker Room
Bet Online Poker


100% up to $1,000

#3 Litecoin Poker Room


100% up to $1,000