Top Monero Casinos

Not sure why there isn't a whole lot of casinos accepting Monero as a form of payment especially in 2021, but that probably won't be the case for long.
    Today the only reputable online casino accepting Monero is Fortune Jack Casino, the top crypto casino online today.



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#1 Monero  Casino
Fortune Jack Casino

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A Beginners Guide on using Monero to Bet Online

Monero is probably the future of blockchains.  Monero hides the identity of the receiver and sender.  Doing this keeps others from knowing how much Monero you own, where you obtain it from and how you spend it.  Why all other blockchain crypto currencies keep on following the put everything on a public ledger for all to see system is beyond me.  By default, all transactions are kept private.
    Just because it is private, doesn't mean you get to be sloppy.  You should still make your day to day transactions from a wallet and not an exchange.  This is much more convenient, and you will have more control on when the payment will be sent.  During peak traffic, some exchanges have two day back logs for withdrawals.
   Currently there is no hardware wallets available, but it does sound like that will change soon.  You have the option of desktop and mobile wallets to choose from.  Normally for the crypto currencies not in the top five, we recommend to sticking with the wallets that the community recommends.  Monero is no different, if you are going to using Monero, you should check out the available wallets at  If possible, always use two-factor authentication, always be as secure as possible when dealing with crypto currencies.  There isn't much recourse available if someone steals your Monero.
    Remember, be extra careful when using Monero.  Whether it is a small type or a large mistake, they both have the consequences.  You are all but guaranteed to lose your Monero with next to no way of getting it back.  Always copy and paste the addresses and re-check everything before sending your Monero.  Not 100% sure you know what you are doing, you can send a small amount of XMR to this test address "44PUM9gkaKUMfGCZ7pgn4L8qCVswCp3WfZpmG5BRFEMWHujzgV8azvYbLizwyb9LCyVUAWjYjtQGBTXFQk41ELnxN7Rd9x6" and view your transaction at

Top Monero Poker Rooms

America's Cardroom along with some of the other poker rooms in the same network are the only online poker rooms that accept Monero as a payment method.  That will probably change, but until then, America's Cardroom is by far your best option.

Poker Room



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#1 Monero Poker Room
America's cardroom


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