Instadebit Deposits

Instadebit is a payment processor that is used by Canadian online gamblers and it is only available to Canadians.  There are minimal fees (only $2.00, plus foreign exchange fees if transferring into U.S. dollars) for the poker player and casino players that use Instadebit.  Transfers to and from other Instadebit accounts is instantaneous and free.
    This is a good payment processor to use for your online gaming needs.  It would probably be much more well known, except that it is only available to Canadians and some operators don't offer Instadebit as a payment method, although many of the larger operators do.  Using Instadebit is like having the casino and poker room operators debit directly from your bank account.  Instadebit operates as a middle man, so that you are not giving a bunch of online gaming operators your banking information and you won't have to worry as much about your bank shutting your account down because of gambling related transactions.  You can also hold winnings inside your Instadebit account and use those funds at another operator without paying any transaction fees.

To make a purchase with Instadebit you will have to;
Sign up for a Instadebit account (you will create a password at this time)
(2) Ask for your bank account to be verified
(3) Check your bank statement to find out the exact amount of the verifying deposit.
(4) Verify the exact amount of the micro deposit
(5) Load your Instadebit account
(6) Go to the poker rooms cashier and load your account
(7) Your funds should appear in your account immediately

Set-up = Free
Payment to a merchant from your bank account = $1.95 CAD
Withdraw funds via Bank Account = $2.00 CAD
Currency Conversion charge = unknown rate
Receive Funds through Instadebit = Free
Send Funds through Instadebit = Free
Inactivity Fee = No

Whenever you visit Instadebit, verify that you are at the official Instadebit website.  The top of your browser should look like the image below.
Instadebit Official Website

Payment Methods

Payment Method

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Bitcoin Cash







Credit Cards





Poker Rooms/Casinos accepting Instadebit

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