Cashier's Check/Bank Draft

Cashier's Checks or Bank Drafts are accepted in a lot of online poker rooms and online casinos now.  It is a slow but effective way of getting your funds into your poker account.  You should expect a week long delay between the time you have purchased the Cashier's check from your bank and time the funds reach your poker account.  Unlike payment processors, the process doesn't speed up with subsequent deposit.

To make a purchase at an online poker room with a Cashier's Check you will have to;
(1) Find out the exact details from the online poker room/casino that you'll need for your Bank Draft
(2) Go to your local bank and get a Certified Check with the correct information
(3) Mail the Check to the online poker room

Transfer Limits:
no limit

Typically $4 - $15 depending on your bank

Poker Rooms/Casinos accepting Cashier's Check