Playing Online Poker on a Mac

Looking for an online poker room that is compatible with a Mac?  Tired of finding what looks like a really great online poker rooms and then finding out that it is not compatible with a Mac?  Poker Review USA is here to help! We have listed and rated all the top online poker rooms, that are Mac compatible.  We have listed the poker rooms that can be downloaded onto a Mac, an instant play poker room and the poker sites that can be played by using a Windows Emulator.

Best Mac Compatible Poker Rooms

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  Bet Online

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Bet Online Poker on a Mac

Bet Online Poker is the best Mac compatible poker room that U.S. poker players can download and play on their Mac computers.  This poker room would be your best bet if you own a Mac computer, especially if you don't have much computer knowledge.  Bet Online is one of the two better online poker rooms that still accept Americans.

How to play here with a Mac? When you get to the Bet Online website, create and account.   After you can go to the poker section and click on the "Download Poker for Mac" at the top of the webpage.  Once you push that button you will need to save it on your desktop.  For more on this popular poker room and the network that they are on, check out our Bet Online Poker review.

Poker Stars on a Mac

Pokerstars is a popular poker room that is Macintosh compatible.  The poker room can be downloaded on to the Apple computers.  We highly recommend playing Pokerstars with your Mac.

How to play here with a Mac? When you get to the Pokerstars website, click on the download button at the top left corner.  Near the top of this page there a link that says "Mac download page", click on it and will take you to that page.  For more on this poker room, read our Pokerstars review.

More Mac Online Poker Rooms

You can now play at the Bet Online Poker room on a Mac Computer. You can also play at virtually any other poker room using Virtual PC. Virtual PC is software that you can use to operate Windows programs on your Mac.  For more information on Virtual PC click the link above.
    Virtually all online poker rooms will work if Virtual PC is properly installed but we would recommend you play at Bet Online Poker if you use a Mac.