Virginia Poker

Home poker games and online poker rooms are the two most popular forms of poker in Virginia.  The poker laws here are fairly player friendly and the state does seem to understand that small stakes poker is not a huge threat to the welfare of the state.

Virginia Poker Laws

The gambling laws of Virginia are player friendly.  If you like to play home poker games in Virginia you should be glad to know that "Nothing in this article shall be construed to make it illegal to participate in a game of chance conducted in a private residence" (18.2-334).  This is only true if the house is not taking rake and isn't used as regular gambling house.
    Poker tournaments could be argued as being legal (but might fail), because the state will exempt certain sporting event where "any contest of speed or skill between men, animals, fowl or vehicles, where participants may receive prizes or different percentages of a purse, stake or premium dependent upon whether they win or lose or dependent upon their position or score at the end of such contest." according to 18.2-333 of the Virginia laws.  If you are convicted for unlawful gambling (a class 3 misdemeanor), than you will have to pay a fine up to $500.

Where to play live poker in Virginia

It is a good thing that home poker games in Virginia are considered legal, because there is not a single licensed poker room in the state.

Poker sites accepting players from Virginia

Bet Online Poker.