Texas State Poker

The poker laws are relatively lenient for the players, but not so much for the operators.  There is also no casinos or licensed poker rooms in this state.  Most of the poker players from Texas state will play poker in Nevada, play social games at home or play online poker.

Texas Poker Laws

Operating an unauthorised poker room will get you in trouble and playing at an unauthorised poker game that collects rake from the players is illegal.  Home games seem to more or less legal as long as it is in a private residence and no one collects any rake.  If you play and are found guilty of gambling in the state of Texas you will be guilty of a class C misdemeanor (a fine up to $500).  That seems really lenient, most states will have a threat of a fine and maybe 60 days in jail, but Texas will only fine you $500.  In the end the punishment will probably be the same as most states, but at least you know that you will not need to worry if you run into an overzealous judge in Texas.  This is probably the best possible law for poker players (making it it legal to gamble with anybody and anywhere with no rules or consequences, would actually be a bad thing) and could help lead the way for a tax and regulate online poker environment in Texas.

Where to play live poker in Texas

There is no decent casinos or poker rooms that we know of in the state of Texas.  Most of the live action poker is between friends at home poker games in Texas.

Poker sites accepting players from Texas

Bet Online Poker.