Ohio Poker

The live poker laws are lenient, but there is not many places to play.  That should change soon with the addition of new gaming facilities such as the CSI poker room in Toledo.  Home poker games and playing online are popular among poker players from Ohio.

Ohio Gambling Laws

If you are placing a bet with a friend or playing a casual poker game between friends, then you should not be prosecuted for unlawful gambling.  If you are placing a bet, where there is no rake or bookmaker, than that is a legal bet.  There is a restriction of placing bets in public places that will result in a minor misdemeanor charge.  Gambling online is different, because you are playing at a poker room or casino that is set up as a business.  Gambling online could result in a misdemeanor in the first degree, which has a maximum sentence of six months and a maximum fine of $1000.

Where to play live poker in Ohio

Ohio has just recently opened up to the idea of opening new gaming establishments.  Right now you can live play at the CSI poker room in Toledo or set up a home poker game in Ohio.

Poker sites accepting players from Ohio

Bet Online Poker.