North Dakota Poker

North Dakota has some the best gambling laws in the whole country.  For the casual players, there is a good chance that you will never break the gambling laws here.  Only the mid and high-stake players will need to worry about potentially getting a misdemeanor.  The laws are great and so is the poker action, especially when you consider the population of North Dakota.  Overall, this is one of the best states to play poker in if you don't mind not having a large poker room nearby.

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North Dakota Gambling Laws

North Dakota has some great gambling laws.  It should come as no surprise that North Dakota almost regulated online poker rooms awhile back.  It is a mere infraction to engage in gambling in a private residence where someone wagers $25 or more on a single hand, game or event.  If $500 or more is wagered on a single hand or event, then you can be charged with a class A misdemeanor.  These laws are great for the social game and the online poker players in North Dakota.

Where to play live poker in North Dakota

Visiting North Dakota, I was pleasantly surprised on the amount of live poker was available for such a small state.  Between the Sky Dancer Casino, 4 Bears Casino and the Spirit Lake Casino poker room, I was able to play Texas Hold'em, Omaha hi/lo and a poker freeroll all in the same weekend.

Poker sites accepting players from North Dakota

In North Dakota, all the online poker rooms that accept Americans will allow you to play, but you shouldn't open account everywhere.  You should stick to your best options, with having the most players, some really great promotions and the best reputation in the U.S. market.  There is almost as many players in this one poker room, than all the other poker rooms in the U.S. black market.
   Bet Online Poker and America's Cardroom are two more solid poker rooms, but for the most part, every other poker room should be avoided.  The quality of poker room drops significantly after the top three poker rooms.  You will encounter a lack of players at the tables, a lack of liquidity and/or poker rooms full of professional online grinders.