Poker in New York State

The poker scene is alive and well in New York state.  There is plenty of home poker games, poker tournaments, poker rooms, cash games and online poker rooms to choose from if you are a poker player from New York.  The laws are rather lenient especially for home games among friends and family.  There is a lot of poker being played here, but if you can't seem to find a quality game, than you could easily cross over to the next state and play in a variety of poker rooms.

New York Gambling Laws

The New York gambling laws are really lenient for poker players.  I did not find one law that says playing poker as a player is unlawful.  The only law against players is a loitering law that states that you will be guilty of a violation if you are loitering for the purpose of playing cards.  If these are all the laws against playing poker, than that should make online poker a legal form of poker in New York.

Where to play live poker in New York

With a state so populous as New York you would think there would be some quality licensed poker rooms, and you would be correct.  More poker rooms could easily be added, but there is not much need for that with all of the casinos located in surrounding states.  The best poker rooms in New York state include the poker room in the Mohawk Casino, Seneca Niagara and the Turning Stone Resort.  Some of the poker game you can find inside these poker room include Texas Hold'em, Pineapple, Omaha poker, Omaha hi/lo and 7-card Stud.
    Setting up social poker games in New York is also very popular.  Sometimes games are set up with friends and family, while other poker games are set up online.

Poker sites accepting players from New York

Bet Online Poker.