New Mexico Poker

There are some good poker rooms in New Mexico with Texas Holdem and Omaha hi/lo.  You should not be too far from a licensed poker room in this state.  Playing at an unlicensed poker room can get you charged with a petty misdemeanor.

New Mexico Poker Laws

A bet is dependant on chance, even if accompanied by some skill in the state of New Mexico.  Gambling is making a bet, which will result in a petty misdemeanour.  If you could argue successfully that poker is completely dependant on skill, than you could rule that poker is legal here, although that would be a hard case to make.

Where to play live poker in New Mexico

There is a fair amount of licensed poker room in this state.  You can play Texas Holdem and Omaha hi/lo inside the poker rooms here.  The top poker rooms in New Mexico are inside the is Sandia Casino, the Route 66 Casino and the Santa Ana Casino.

Poker sites accepting players from New Mexico

Bet Online Poker.