New Hampshire Poker

There are some good poker rooms in this state including the Seabrook poker room.  Many of the poker tournaments are ran to benefit the local charities in the surrounding area.  Social games between friends and online poker is also very popular in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Poker Laws

The laws are not written with poker in mind.  The definition of gambling "means to risk something of value upon a future contingent event not under one's control or influence", but someone could argue that the way a poker player places a wager during a poker hand could influence the end result.

Where to play live poker in New Hampshire

I didn't plan on reviewing the live poker scene here, I actually thought there would be no live poker in New Hampshire.  I was pleasantly surprised to find three licensed poker rooms at the Seabrook Poker Room, the Lodge at Belmont and the Rockingham Park.  Texas Holdem by far is the most popular game played in the licensed poker rooms in New Hampshire.

Poker sites accepting players from New Hampshire

Bet Online Poker.