Regulated Online Poker in Nevada

Nevada is one of three states that have regulated online poker rooms.  There is two online poker rooms which include the room.  Ultimate Poker had an early start, but has quickly caught up and surpassed its competitor in terms of cash players and peak traffic. did such a good job, that the Ultimate Poker room closed down pernamently.
    WSOP averages close to 300 real money poker players logged in during peak hours.  WSOP grew while Ultimate Poker struggled to defend their turf from WSOP.  The early launch helped and also hindered Ultimate Poker.  They did get a head start in establishing themselves as the leader in Nevada, but they didn't have all the kinks worked out before their launch.  Ironically the better the poker software got, the less traffic they were able to maintain.
    How the future works out for is a question no one can really answer yet, but the the addition of players from Delaware, it is currently the largest legal online poker room operating in the United States.  If Nevada does enter into an agreement to share their player base with more states, it will cointinue to dominate the legal online poker space in the USA.

WSOP Website

Nevada Gambling Laws

The Nevada gaming laws are more geared into regulating their casinos than creating headaches for the poker players in Nevada.  Then again, why would you play any kind of casino game or any non-social poker game anywhere in Nevada other than a licensed casino.
    As of April 30, 2013 residents of Nevada were able to play in an online poker room that is regulated to accept players from Nevada.  Nevada is the first state to regulate online poker within the borders of Nevada.  This is a huge plus for the state and for the online poker players in Nevada.  This mean more jobs, more state revenue and a safer environment for the poker players in Nevada.  Currently only has a worthwhile poker room, but that could change in a few years.  Right now if you are planning of playing online poker for the first time in Nevada, we would recommend that you forget about playing in an unregulated room and only play at  The poker rooms that operate with licenses will eventually be far superior and safer than your current options.

Las Vegas Poker Rooms

There is an incredible amount of poker tournaments, sit'n'gos and cash games in the state of Nevada.  There is hundreds of poker tables located inside the top poker rooms in Las Vegas.  Whether you are on Freemont Street or on the Strip, you should be able to find a decent poker game to play.  You will be able to play Texas Holdem, 7-card Stud, 7-card Stud hi/lo, Omaha poker, Omaha hi/lo, Razz poker, Badugi, Horse and many mixed games in Las Vegas.  You can find low stakes, mid stakes and high stakes games.  No-limit, pot limit and fixed limit games can be found everywhere.  Overall, this is one of the best states to play live poker in.
    Most of the largest casinos will have a poker room in it, but you might be surprised to find out that some of the poker rooms are around the same size of your local poker room.  You might have expected a much bigger poker room in every casino on the strip, but if that happened there would be a lot of empty poker tables on the strip.  Find out where the best poker rooms are on the strip, on Freemont street, the newest poker rooms and the largest poker rooms in Las Vegas.
    Some of newest and nicest poker rooms in Las Vegas are located inside the Aria Casino by the City Center, the Wynn, the Encore and the Bellagio Casino.
    If you do not want to play at a new casino than you could check out the poker room at the Flamingo.  If you want to play off the strip you could check out the Orleans Casino or head down to Freemont Street and play at the famous Binion's Hall of Fame Poker Room.
    Some other large poker room on the strip include the poker room inside the MGM Grand, Caesar's Palace, the Venetian and the Mirage.  If you want to play at the same casino that hosts the WSOP, then you will need to visit the poker room at Rio Las Vegas.

Regulated Poker sites that accept players from Nevada

You should stick to the regulated poker room in Nevada which is  It is your best option and all your other options are really bad except for one, but WSOP is still by far your best option.