Montana Poker

There are a lot of licensed gambling establishments here, but few have a poker room.  The casinos that do have a poker room usually online have a few poker tables in them.  The poker community is relatively small so I don't see that changing anytime soon.  The small local poker rooms will do it for some of the players here, but many poker players will play online or set up a small home game between friends.

Montana Gambling Laws

The laws of Montana state that gambling is prohibited unless authorised by the state.  Internet gambling is not authorised by the state, so it would be considered unlawful.

Where to play live poker in Montana

There is few local casinos that will have a small poker room in Montana.  Two of these casinos are the Kings Korner Billiards & Casino and the Glaciers Peaks Casino.  Other than the a couple of small poker rooms in the local casinos, you can find poker players setting small home games between their friends in Montana.

Poker sites accepting players from Montana

Bet Online Poker.