Michigan Poker

The state poker laws help protect casual players but leaves the regular poker players to possible prosecution.  Ironically the better the poker player you are, the greater the potential punishment.  There is not much of a law that says you are not allowed to lose but winning could get you a misdemeanor.  If you are looking for a regular legal poker game in Michigan, then you visit one of many local casinos throughout the state.  Most of the bigger casinos will have a poker room with 3 to 16 poker tables in it.

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Michigan Gambling Laws

There is an interesting gambling law in the state of Michigan.  There is a law for a winning player that states "Any person who by playing at cards.... wins or obtains any sum of money.... is guilty of a misdemeanor if the money.... obtained are of the value of not more than $50.00. If the money, goods, or articles so won or obtained are of the value of more than $50.00, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 1 year or a fine of not more than $1,000.00" (750.314 Winning at gambling).  Luckily, I am generally a losing player so this does not affect me much.  Home games between friends and senior clubs, if played for micro stakes ($0.25 per bet and no pot over $5) is allowed in Michigan.

Where to play live poker in Michigan

There are many casinos throughout the state.  Many of the larger casinos have a poker room including the Greektown Casino, the Motor City Casino, Four Winds Casino and the Fire Keepers Casino.  Inside these poker rooms you will be able to play Texas Holdem, Omaha poker, Omaha hi/lo and 7-card Stud.

Poker sites accepting players from Michigan

Ignition Poker, America's Cardroom and Bet Online Poker are three poker rooms that you can play at if you are from Michigan.  For the most part, you should stick to these three poker rooms.  The only exceptions would be if you replaced the Ignition poker room with the Bovada.lv poker room and if you replace Betonline.ag with Sportbetting.ag.  These poker rooms run the same software and have the same ownership stability.  Any other poker room that accepts players from Michigan should be avoided.  There is a massive drop in the quality of poker websites after the poker rooms listed above.