Massachusetts Poker

There is not a single licensed poker room in the state of Massachusetts.  That is probably the biggest reason why so many players play online or set up a home poker game in Massachusetts.  The laws are also vague and hard to understand, but I would say that poker could be considered illegal in this state.

Massachusetts Gambling Laws

Massachusetts has some of the oldest gambling laws in the states.  The law is written where gaming, illegal gaming and unlawful gaming are considered illegal lotteries in this state.  The laws are not clear enough for the average person to decipher.  A good lawyer could argue that poker is legal in Massachusetts, but he could just as easily argue that playing poker is illegal.  In the end it does look like that playing poker is considered more illegal than legal.

Where to play live poker in Massachusetts

The only live poker games in this state are home poker games between friends.

Poker sites accepting players from Massachusetts

Bet Online Poker.