Kentucky Poker

The laws are really vague when it comes down to placing a wager as a player.  I can't find anything that says for sure that playing poker is legal or even illegal.  I didn't find a sentence or a fine for a law that may or may not exist.  The Kentucky Governor is clearly against online poker (he tried to take away many domain names from online gambling websites that accepted wagers from Kentuckians), so I would be a bit cautious if I was planning of playing online poker from Kentucky.

Kentucky Gambling Laws

The laws are very vague when it comes to gambling as a player.  Even after reading everything that we could find about the Kentucky gambling laws, we could not find one instance of the state saying that making a bet in Kentucky is illegal.  The state is against online poker, but I still can't find a law against it.  If you are planning of playing poker in Kentucky, then it would be in your best interest to contact the state for more clarity on this issue.  I am not sure about gambling as a player, but operating an unlicensed casino or bookmaker is clearly defined as illegal in Kentucky.

Where to play live poker in Kentucky

Home games are your only option for live poker in Kentucky.  There is not a single licensed poker room in the state.

Poker sites accepting players from Kentucky

Bet Online Poker.