Indiana Poker

The live poker scene is rather good here.  Home games and large poker rooms in the casinos in this state make it relatively easy to find a poker game to play.  There is over a hundred poker tables inside the poker room in the state of Indiana.  Playing online poker is also easy to do, because every online poker room that accepts Americans, will accept players from this state.
    Indiana seems to take the view that online poker is a much worse form of gambling then live poker.  The state also tries to put the toughest laws on the online poker players rather than the operators themselves.

Indiana Online Gambling Laws

Unfortunately the definitions of gambling in Indiana (35-45-5-1) states that "(1) a card game; or (2) an electronic version of a card game; is a game of chance and may not be considered a bona fide contest of skill.".  If you are an online poker player in Indiana you should be aware that unlawful gambling is a class B misdemeanor.  This is one of only a few states where the punishments are less for the operators who accept the wagers than for the online poker players that play at the online poker rooms.  This seem like an overzealous law that should be reduced to a class D misdmeanor or less.

Where to play live poker in Indiana

There are some really great poker rooms to play live poker in the state of Indiana.  Some of the better poker rooms can be found inside the Horseshoe Southern, Horseshoe Hammond, Hollywood Casino and Casino Aztar.  The most popular games played in these casinos are Texas Holdem, Omaha and 7-Card Stud.  For many casual poker player, they will attempt to set up a home poker game in Indiana between friends.

Poker sites accepting players from Indiana

Bet Online Poker.