Arkansas Poker

The poker laws are more than fair here, but the selection of poker tables is non existent.  None of the casinos in this state have a poker room.  Most of the poker players play with friends or play online poker.  This state might surprise the online poker community by becoming one of the first states to regulate and tax online poker rooms.

Arkansas Gambling Laws

The laws for unauthorised poker in Arkansas are straight forward.  If poker is considered a game of hazard or skill, then the fine will be between $10 and $25 according to 5-66-113 of the Arkansas code.  This law was last reviewed on January 27, 2011.  The Arkansas code could have changed since then and it would be wise to check it for yourself.

Where to play live poker in Arkansas

There are no licensed poker room inside this state.  Your only option is to play with your friends or set up a home poker game in Arkansas.

Poker sites accepting players from Arkansas

Bet Online Poker.