Arizona Poker

The poker players from the state of Arizona have it pretty good.  The gambling laws are lenient and really quite fair.  There are some great poker rooms inside the casinos in this state and all of the online poker rooms that accept Americans, will allow Arizona residents to play.

Arizona Gambling Laws

The Arizona Gambling laws are fairly lenient.  For the most part gambling for amusement is considered legal.  Most gambling charges excluding, promoting illegal gambling and running an illegal gambling establishment, are class 1 misdemeanours.  Benefiting from social gambling as a player is not unlawful in this state.

Where to play live poker in Arizona

There are many places to play live poker in the state of Arizona.  Many of the bigger casinos have poker tables and poker tournaments hosted on a regular basis.  Three of the more popular poker rooms are the two Casino Arizona poker rooms and Cliff Castle.  You will be able to play Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/lo and 7-card Stud between these three casinos.  Home poker games in Arizona are common and do not carry much risk if played between friends, but considering the quality of the poker rooms inside the Arizona Casinos, you would be wise to stay 100% completely inside the law and play in a licensed establishment instead.

Poker sites accepting players from Arizona

Bet Online Poker.