Merge Poker Network

Sadly if you live in the United States, one of your top ten best options to play online poker would be to play at a poker room in the Merge Network.
    Players from Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey should play in one of their regulated online poker rooms.  Players outside of these three states might also want to check out a different poker room such as the Bet Online poker room.
    Merge is one of the few networks that is still open to players in the United States after black Friday making it still relatively popular for players looking to play online from inside the United States.  All of the skins on the Merge network run regular promotions and free-rolls for to give back to its players and they offer a wide variety of ring games and tournaments at a variety of buy in levels and formats including cash games and tournaments, all running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The most popular skin on the Merge network is Carbon Poker.

Merge Network Freerolls

Probably the best thing about the Merge Network is their freeroll schedule.  If you have no plans of making a deposit, then this could be the network for you.  It is a great place to play at if you are a beginning player or if you have no bankroll and are looking to play poker purely for the entertainment.  On the Merge Network there are at least one free-roll starting every two hours as well as a monthly $50,000 free-roll, weekly $10,000 and $2,000 free-roll and daily $1,000 free-rolls.  In addition, there is always a $50 free-roll every 4 hours that is open to all players on the site.

Poker Tables

Every variety of the most popular ring games can be found on the Merge Network, but mostly on the Texas Hold'em tables will have any traffic.  Some of the games available here include; Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, Stud Poker, 7 Card Stud, Hi/Low, Draw Poker, 5 Card Draw and Badugi.  Games are always running for the lowest micro stakes as well as some low stake Texas Hold'em tables.  Texas Holdem ring games start at $.02/.04, but there is few tables available at these stakes, so most of the action will start at the $.10/.25 stakes and $.10/.25 stakes.  The traffic at the Texas Holdem ring games slows down as the stakes go up.

Poker Tournaments

There is a decent variety of multi table tournaments on the Merge Network, some with guaranteed prize pools.  There are also unique tournament structures such as bounty tournaments and shoot outs.  If sit and goes are more your style the Merge Network has sit and goes for all the popular formats like heads up and 9 man tournaments running all the time, meaning you only have to spend a few seconds in a lobby before you are being dealt your first hand.  The Merge network has poker tournaments that are great for the low stake tournament players who don't want to spend all night finishing a poker tournament.

What you might not know about the Merge Network

The Merge Network also has a few other features that many of poker sites do not currently offer such as Expose one card, Accolades, Emoticons, HD graphics and Deal It Twice.  The Expose One Card feature allows you to show one of the cards before it goes into the much.  Good players will love to use this feature to keep their opponents guessing if they were bluffing or if they really had a premium hand.  Accolades and emoticons make the game more fun for everyone.  After you win a big tournament you will receive a ribbon or trophy in additional to your winnings.  The Deal It Twice feature allows players to deal the community turn and river cards two times when players are all in.  The Deal It Twice feature helps to reduce variance in large pots and allows players avoid bad beats at the poker tables.

Merge Network






Game Variety






Financial Security




The Good
Many freerolls
Some casino games available

The Bad
Not much game variety
Slow withdrawals have been reported

Game Variety
Holdem (NL, PL, FL)
Omaha (NL, PL, FL)

Max 5%
Max rake $3
2-3 players Max $1
4-5 players Max $2
No flop - No drop

Hand History
Friend (fish) Finder
Preselect buttons