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Poker Stars software is one of the best in the industry and it needs to be to support the number of players at Poker Stars.  Poker Stars has their own unique software for your PC.  Want more information on Poker Stars?  If so, check out our full Pokerstars review.  If you can't find the Poker Stars software on your computer after you have the download, you can decide to uninstall the software and re-download it to your desktop.  This can be done by pressing the "Start" button in the lower left side or your computer, then clicking on "Control Panel" > "Uninstall a Program" under the "Programs header.  Scroll down and click on the "Pokerstars" tab, then click "Uninstall".  After it has been uninstalled you can re-download the Pokerstars file here.  This time around, you should download the file under the "Program Files" folder and make sure you click to have Pokerstars create a shortcut on your desktop.

PokerStarsInstall.exe Download

Poker Stars Download

The PokerStarsInstall.exe file is about 6 MB in size and will take about 15 minutes to download on a 56kbps connection or less than four minutes on almost any DSL or cable line.  Mac users can use a different version of Pokerstars that is Mac compatible. The PokerStars install program itself will not work under Virtual PC. You will need to install first on a PC, and then copy the PokerStars folder to your Mac. The subsequent program updates will work after that.) To download the Poker Stars software, push "Save" and select the folder you want the file in.  When finished downloading the file, double click on the icon.  This will set up your Poker Stars software and place it on your desktop.


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