Pokerstars Marketing Code for 2015

Why should you use our Poker Stars marketing code?   Because we have the highest possible Pokerstars bonus and we will give you the insight on how to get the bonus, earn the bonus and what stakes are best for the Poker Stars bonus.  We will show you how long it will take to earn the bonus, depending on the limits and type of poker games you play.  Most importantly, you can receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $600, with the Poker Stars bonus code "Stars600".  While downloading the Pokerstars software, remember to uses the "PSP2621" marketing code or just follow any of your hyper links.

Poker Stars Bonus Code

You should click our links or the Poker Stars banner to ensure you are on track for your Poker Stars bonus.  If you have already did the Poker Stars download, you will still be eligible for the bonus if you type in "Stars600" in the bonus code box (see below).  For those of you that downloaded the software through our links, it will still be necessary to enter the bonus code in order to get the right deposit bonus.  Poker players who didn't download Poker Stars software through our links, will still be eligible for this offer.

Bonus Facts


Max Bonus Amount ($)


Bonus %


Hands to earn $1 bonus for Micro Stakes


Hands to earn $1 bonus for Mid Stakes


Hands to earn $1 bonus for High Stakes


Bonus Length

6 months

Reload Bonus per year


Tournament Bonus

50% pay back

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Marketing Code
Pokerstars Marketing Code PSP2621

How to Earn the Pokerstars Bonus

To clear your deposit bonus you will need to play at the poker tables or poker tournaments.  Get a 100% deposit bonus up to $600 at Poker Stars with our links.  To earn the Pokerstars bonus, you will simply need to play on Pokerstars and collect the number of Base FPPs equal to 10 times the bonus amount. You have 6 months after your first deposit to earn all the FPPs you need to cash out your bonus at Poker Stars.  Poker Stars players earn 1 FPP when the rake reaches: $.40 at poker tables with stakes $.50/$1 and lower, $1 for all other tables.  A second point will be earned when a 6-max table's rake reaches $2 or when all other tables reach $3.  For high stake tables, when the rake reaches $5, you will earn a third point.  Tournament players will earn 5 points for every $1 in tournament fees.





















$3/6 +