Western Union Deposits

Western Union is a payment processor that shouldn't be used to fund your online gambling account unless you have no other option.  The fees are quite steep and you shouldn't use this payment processor unless you are making a one time medium sized deposit as a casual online poker player.

To make a purchase with Western Union you will have to;
Get the proper information about making a deposit from the poker rooms cashier
(2) Go to one of the many Western Union agents
(3) Give them the exact information from the poker room (even the smallest mistakes can cause massive havoc)
(4) Confirm the transfer and enter the 10-digit MTCN and the deposit amount at the cashier
(5) Funds should appear in your players account within 3 hours during regular business hours
(6) For subsequent deposits you will restart the process from the very beginning

Transfer Limits:

$10.99+ for a $100 transfer

Website: http://www.westernunion.com

Poker Rooms/Casinos accepting Western Union