Making a deposit to an online poker room

What is the best way to make a deposit to your favorite online gambling site?  That depends on where you are from, what stakes you play and what type of gambling you enjoy.  Note: If you are using an eWallet that accepts Americans, then it would wise to keep your money in it for the least possible amount of time and always have a low balance only.  Many eWallets have been shut down by the United States government.  You should never put any funds in an eWallet (not talking about a crypto wallet), that you can't afford to have seized.

Making deposits for online poker

For the occasional poker player; Whether you are from the U.S. or anywhere around the world, the best option is to attempt to use a credit card to make a deposit.  It is convenient, cheap and fast to do this.
    If your credit card is denied then you will still have a variety of ways to make a deposit, but it will depend on the operator that you are planning of making a deposit at.  Depending on the casino or poker room, you can use a Cash Transfer service to make a peer to peer money transfer.  This is a more expensive, but still relatively convenient to make a one time or once in a while deposit.
    Another option is to use a crypto currency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.  If you already have crypto in a wallet, then this can be extremely convenient and probably even better than using a credit card.  Even more so in the U.S., which has a higher credit card rejection rate and every top-rated operator that lets Americans register will have Bitcoin as a deposit option.
    If you haven't got any crypto in a wallet, than you will need to buy some from a crypto seller.  If you go this route, make sure that you follow crypto currencies best practices for online gambling.

For the fairly regular online poker player; You can use your credit cards to make deposits, but we recommend that you set up an electronic bank account at Skrill (not available in Canada and the U.S.), Instadebit (Canada Only) or have some kind of crypto currency wallet.  Currently there are no eWallet solutions that I would trust that accepts online gambling payments from the United States.  Either set up a wallet to hold your crypto or continue making deposits via Credit card, cash transfers etc.
    If you are from Canada, Instadebit is a great electronic wallet solution, but it is not widely used.  If Instadebit is not available, you should then set up a crypto wallet.  Just like the U.S., if the above options do not appeal to you or the operator doesn't have the payment methods available, then you could use a peer to peer transfer.

For the more frequent poker player; If you are a regular poker player, I am hoping that you are at least a winning poker player some of the time.  There is nothing wrong with making initial deposits with your credit card, but sooner or later you should set up an electronic wallet or a crypto wallet.  This is true whether you are American, Canadian or an International poker player.  This will make transferring funds between different poker rooms and to yourself a lot easier.

Making deposits at an online casino

For the occasional casino gambler; Credit cards will work great for you, assuming your credit card company will allow you to make deposits to online casinos.  If the credit card company will not accept the deposit, you should consider doing a cash transfer, using a crypto wallet or opening an electronic bank account such as Skrill (not available in Canada and the U.S.) or Instadebit (Canada Only).

For the regular casino gambler; If possible, making deposits with your credit card is still the preferred method of payment.  You could set up an electronic bank account if you are going to making large deposits.  The more frequent the deposits, the more you will want to set up an internet payment solution or have a crypto currency wallet.  This will make it easier to make regular deposits at a variety of different casinos.  It will also make it harder to be cut off from playing due to a lack of viable payment options.

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