Saskatchewan Casinos

The legal gambling age in Saskatchewan in 19.  There is a lot of casinos to choose from, if you live in Saskatchewan.  There is a casino located in each city in the province and a few smaller local casinos throughout the province.  The best casino in Saskatchewan is Casino Regina, which hosts many of the best poker tournaments in Canada.  Casinos are in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Yorkton, Moose Jaw, North Battleford and Kenosee Lake.

Where to Play Poker in Saskatchewan

There seems to be a casino in every small city or even large town in Saskatchewan, but only a few have tables for live poker.  Its fortunate that one of the poker rooms is the Casino Regina poker room.  Some of the most popular poker tournaments in Western Canada can be found here.  The poker tournaments here can have up to three hundred and fifty players at times.  One of the more well known poker tournaments is the Canadian Poker Open which has a two hundred thousand dollar prize pool.
    Casino Regina without a doubt has the best poker room in this province, but they are not the only casino with has live poker here.  Most casinos will at times have a poker table open, and some have a decent poker tournament occasionally, but if you are planning of going to a local casino in Saskatchewan, then it would be a good idea to check their website first before going and possibly give the casino a call to see if there is an active poker table.

Gaming Facility

Street Address

Casino Regina

1880 Saskatchewan Dr, Regina

Casinos in Saskatchewan

Casino Regina is the best casino in Saskatchewan.  There is a great variation of slot machines, gaming tables and poker games.  Some of the best poker tournaments in Canada happen right here.
Contact Information:
Phone Numbers: (306) 565-3000
Address:  1880 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, SK

Dakota Dunes Casino is a new casino twenty minutes south of Saskatoon.
Contact Information:
Address:  204 Dakota Dunes Way, Site 507, Saskatoon, SK

North Lights Casino in Prince Albert is over 41,800 square feet.  There is 394 slot machines, a fully licensed lounge and the Northstar Restaurant.
Contact Information:
Phone Numbers:  (306) 764-4777
Address:  44 Marquis Road West, Prince Albert, SK

Painted Hand Casino is a small regional casino in Yorkton.  There is over 18,000 square feet of floor, 209 coin slot machines and 6 live table games.
Contact Information:
Phone Numbers:  (306) 786-6777
Address:  30-3rd Avenue North, Yorkton, SK

Moose Jaw Casino has blackjack tables, 3 card poker tables, roulette and over 200 slot machines.  There is also a restaurant in the 14,000 square foot casino.
Contact Information:
Phone Numbers:  (306) 694-3888
Address:  21 Fairford St E, Moose Jaw, SK

Gold Eagle Casino has over 38,700 square feet which includes a restaurant and meeting room.  291 employees work at the casino in North Battleford.
Contact Information:
Phone Numbers:  (306) 446-3833
Address:  11902 Railway Avenue East, North Battleford, SK

Bear Claw Casino is a popular gambling spot for the regions of southwest Manitoba and southeast Saskatchewan.
Contact Information:
Phone Numbers:  (306) 577-4577
Address:  (White Bear First Nation), North of Carlyle on Hwy #9, SK